Nana Meshed Dress

Preço regular $39.90 USD
Preço de venda $39.90 USD Preço regular $139.80 USD
Poupe 71%
Sheer Bodice Design

The dress features a sheer bodice design that creates an enchanting and alluring effect. It adds a touch of mystery and beauty to the overall look.

Tie Detail

The dress incorporates a tie detail that accentuates the wearer's curves and highlights their confident silhouette. It adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to the design.

Ultra-Short Pleated Skirt

The dress showcases an ultra-short pleated skirt design that enhances the illusionary and captivating appeal. It adds movement and femininity to the ensemble.

90% Polyester Material

The dress is made of 90% polyester material, ensuring durability, comfort, and a sleek appearance.

Fitting Reference:
    Model name cm/kg B/W/H Size Feeling
    174/62 88/69/95 M Slim Fit
    Ann 161/53 88/70/90 M/L Fit
    Nana 166/54 85/66/92 S/M Fit
    Kiwi 155/45 80/60/85 S ??Loose
    ?? ?? ?? *More size help, please check the??size guide.