Daytime Running Light Kit

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Why Customers Love The VigorBeam

  • Improved aerodynamics: VigorBeam is lightweight and streamlined, improving the aerodynamics of your car, leading to better fuel efficiency and overall performance.
  • VersatilityVigorBeam can be used beyond car lighting, such as under cabinet lighting or outdoor accent lighting.
  • Improved visibility: VigorBeam provide additional lighting helping you see the road more clearly and reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Stylish appearanceVigorBeam strips come in different colors, customizing the appearance of your car and giving it a unique and stylish look.
  • Easy installation: VigorBeam is SUPER easy to install 
  • Energy efficiency: VigorBeam is energy-efficient, using less power than traditional lighting methods
  • Compatible: Fits and works on every car!

Make Your Car Look Like No Other Car On The Road!

Introducing the HoodBeam by VigorBeam®. Add a little spice to your car with the VigorBeam® to leave your friends and everyone on the road speechless.

The best customization you can make to your car. VigorBeam® is more than just a light bar, It also drastically improves your visibility at night time or in cloudy/foggy conditions with a unique dynamic startup and multiple different connections to choose from. VigorBeam® is one size fits all!


We are so confident in our product, that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just contact us through the contact page. 

Add some character to your ride with exterior custom light and car front lighting from VigorBeam® featuring industry-leading LED technology, waterproof technology, and more.

Comes With A FREE Step By Step Installation Video

Additional Features

  • Ultra-bright lamp beads for maximum visibility

  • Flexible light strip that can be cut and bent to fit your specific needs

  • 3MM thickness for durability

  • Stealth installation for a seamless look

  • Suitable for most vehicles, with a length of 70 inches or 180cm

  • Versatile application, can be used as a car hood light, car door light, ambient light, and more.


Installation video