COMFMET™ - Rechargeable Callus Foot Remover

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Banish The Rough Calluses In 2 Minutes - Experience a Spa Pedicure at Home✨

🌟 Dual Power Settings for Different Foot Callus
🌟 Custom Heads for Targeted Callus Treatment
🌟 Gentle Effective Callus Removal
🌟 Safe and Gentle Foot Exfoliation
🌟 Easy-to-Clean Design for Optimal Hygiene
🌟 User-Friendly and Travel-Friendly
🌟 Waterproof and Shower-Friendly
🌟 Long-lasting Performance

Say goodbye to calluses and hello to silky feet!
Tired of dealing with rough, dry skin and unsightly calluses on your feet? Discover the power of COMFMET™ to leave your feet beautiful and soft!

Dual Power Settings for a Personalized Experience
+Low Power Setting: Use the low power setting for gentleand mild cleaning and exfoliation, especially suitable forsensitive and delicate areas of the skinHigh Power Setting: Switch to the high power setting totackle stubborn calluses and tough, dry skin.

Choose the Perfect Head for Your
Fine Quart Frosting Head: This head is designed fortackling calluses and removing dead skin that has just formed.It gently exfoliates and smoothens the surface, revealingsofter, healthier-looking feet.
Coarse Quartz Sanding Head: If you have stubborn, built-up calluses that have accumulated over time, this head isperfect for you. lt efficiently removes tough layers of dry skin,leaving your feet feeling incredibly smooth and rejuvenated.

Watch Your Calluses Vanish In Just 2 Minutes of Use

Long-Lasting Performance
Extended 500mAh li-ion battery for 50 minutes of use

Show-Friendly & Waterproof
The waterproof design ensures durability and safety.making it easy to clean and maintain. You canconfidently use it in wet environments without worryingabout water damage

LED Beauty Light
Built-in high-tech LED beauty light, elevating yourpedicure to a whole new level of precision and glamou

Rechargeable and built to last, our product is designedto match the enduring beauty of your feet, providinglong-lasting performance