Q: What is the average shipping time?
Once shipped, the average delivery time is 7-15 business days, depending on where in the world you are located.

Q: How do I focus the image?
On the top front part of the projector there is a manual dial that allows you to obtain optimal clarity while watching.

Q: Does it come with all the required cable?
Power cable and HDMI cable, but adapters for IPhone and Android phones need to be purchased separately

Q: Does it have it's own speaker?

Q: Is there a connector for android/Samsung phones?

Q: How long does it take to come in?
7-15 business days

Q: Does it have a headphone jack?
Yes, It's 3.5mm

Q: How to connect the phone?
You can connect with an Type-C to HDMI Adapter(android)/Lightning to HDMI Adapter(iOS).

Q: Does it connect to Xbox?

Q: Sound quality?
It’s really good! Very loud too.

Q: Can it connect to your switch?

Q: I was wondering how large the projection is ment to be?
Up to 100 inches

Q: Will it work with my Xbox 360 tho?

Q: Can you hook a PlayStation w it or a DVD player to it ?

Q: Does it require wifi?
No! It can be used with or without wifi!

Q: Will the Mini Projector work with Nintendo Switch?

Q: Is it portable?
Very small and portable