High-Speed Sank Remote Control Car: Wall-Climbing Racer for Thrilling Fun

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● Red Light Sensing Movement: This race car uses red light reflection to drive, creating a mesmerizing experience, especially on surfaces with strong reflection capabilities. Multiple infrared sensors on the car's body enable it to sense LED red light beams, ensuring seamless movement and obstacle avoidance.

● Advanced Light Detection: With a detection range of 3-5 meters, it offers precise control over sensing distance, allowing for easy and skillful maneuvering of the car.

● Dual Driving Modes: The versatile controller supports two driving modes: traditional ground driving and thrilling wall climbing. You can effortlessly switch between these modes. It also accommodates multiple cars for leisure or competitive racing.

● Strong Suction Across Surfaces: Equipped with a robust motor and cyclone-based air circulation, this car generates powerful suction from the bottom. It securely adheres to various surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and floors, offering versatility and excitement.

● Bright LED Headlights: For nighttime adventures, the car is equipped with bright headlights that illuminate its path, ensuring that darkness doesn't limit your enjoyment.


● Material: ABS


● 1 pc*Sank Wall Climbing Race Car