FemPower Pheromone Perfume (SPECIAL OFFER)

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Our Biggest Sale EVER On Our Most Powerful Scent

This FemPower Pheromone Perfume was specially crafted to make you smell sexier and more attractive to the opposite sex. This perfume works by amplifying the smell of your own natural pheromones.

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Join the 11,000+ women across the world that feel sexier and more confident with our intense, alluring FemPower Pheromone Perfume. 

94.5% of ladies said they noticeably receive more attention from the opposite sex.

96.3% of ladies said their partner is far more attracted to them when wearing the perfume.

Clean, Natural Ingredients You'll Love

Our perfume is a blend of high quality oils and real pheromones that blend with your own production of pheromones and creates the most alluring, irresistable scent on the planet. Men won't be able to keep their hands off of you!

- Skin-Friendly, Cruelty-Free, Natural Ingredients

- Allergen & Paraben-Free, No BPAs

- Ingredients: Water, Real Pheromones, Ethanol, CL 16255